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Dry Ice Machines For Theatre & Events

Create you own unique visual display

Create stunning special effects for stage theatre productions, travelling theatre and events such as parties and disco’s. Make your production or event memorable and atmospheric with a choice of unique visual displays using dry ice.

Dry ice can create smoke, fog and haze effects to further dramatise a scene. Create a magical environment as the fog whirls in reaction to movement on stage.

For events such as parties and disco’s, create an amazing atmosphere and display all your colourful lighting to full effect.

Le Maitre

Pea Souper Dry Ice Machine

  • 9kg / 20lbs of dry ice provides approx. 5 mins of effect
  • 18kg/40 lbs of dry ice before reheating required
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in thermal safety cut-off
  • Adjustable flow rate – 4 levels


City Fog

​Aquafog 3303 Dry Ice Machine

  • winning lightweight, portable, dry ice fog machine holds 28 gallons (106 litres) of water and 75 lbs. (34kg) of dry ice
  • 120v electrical system with circuit breakers, indicator lights for water temperature and heating element status, low-water cutout protection and an adjustable sensing circuit to maintain temperature over extended use periods
  • Non-corroding thermoplastic tank features an extra large access lid for easy loading with integral casters for transport


City Fog

​SS6000 Dry Ice Fogger

  • Extra large capacity dry ice fog machine holds over 50 gallons (189 litres) of water and 150 lbs (68kg) of dry ice
  • Electrical system features circuit breakers, indicator lights for water temp and heating element status, low water cutout and an adjustable temperature regulating circuit
  • Rugged construction features a 16-gauge stainless steel tank, all brass plumbing, integral dolly with large casters


Always be safe when using dry ice please click this link to access the health and safety guidelines.

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